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By 2024* most browsers and devices will block third-party data collection as consumers and regulators demand better protection and privacy for consumers.

Without the right data it'll be harder
for brands to market and advertise

Harder to reach

people who’ve expressed interest in your business.

Harder to target

and deliver relevant ads
and content.

Harder to convert

and optimize digital channels
that drive conversion.

Harder to measure

with accuracy and derive insights from poor quality data

Eventually leading to

Poor Customer Experience

Decreasing ROAS

Despite these adverse affects, many business stakeholders fail to understand the implications.



of respondents weren’t sure if stakeholders
understood the ramifications of the cookie-apocalypse

Source: IAB’s 2021 Marketplace Outlook Survey

Consider these implications to check if you or your team understand the impact of doing business in a cookie-less world


You can't fully depend on the walled gardens, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc.

Does your brand have the right tools and measurement frameworks to track performance and attribution across multiple channels or walled gardens?

user-engagement (1)

Understanding your audience needs, their journey, is going to be harder and less accurate than ever.

Can your current tools and processes effectively drive audience segmentation and enable re-targeting?


A first-party data-driven strategy is the only effective long-term solution and brands will need to kick-off or turbo-charge.

Do you have a marketing strategy focused on collecting and first-party data? Do you have a tool to store and organize the first-party data collect?

Not knowing or having the right answers to these questions leaves your business in a mere survival mode, while competitors thrive in a post-cookie world.

Our Solution

At TheEngage we believe the heart of the solution lies in crafting a custom-made CX strategy, one that is enabled by a first-party data-driven approach.


Cookie-apocalypse or not, your customers still want the best experience.

In a post-cookie world, brands must prioritize the capability to collect, analyze, segment and activate the data in their ecosystem.


Of marketers say collecting first-party data is the top priority for the year.

A well-crafted first-party data strategy, will enable businesses to work with data across your marketing funnel and business.

From awareness to conversion and retention, we’ll craft a solution that helps you answer the most crucial questions and problems with insightful data,
from a single-source of truth.
There are many existing technologies, tools, and platforms that are available for brands to build and drive a first-party data-driven approach.
Digital walled gardens

Walled gardens

Cloud solutions

Cloud platforms for data collection and management

FPDS_Cloud marketing
Marketing automation and
CRM tools
CRM email marketing
Email and lead generation
FPDS_Customer Data Platform

Tag management and Customer Data Platforms

There are also upcoming solutions such as data clean rooms from technology giants such as Facebook and even Google’s FLoCs that will power contextual advertisingwithin their walled gardens.
But thriving in a post-cookie marketplace requires a strategy that isn’t just about the technology

Our strategy will focus on empowering people to engage

with the right tools and establish processes that

drive cross-channel ROI for your brand

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Empower People

From key stakeholders to the team that drives operational success, we’ll empower your organizationwith the right qualities and skills.
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Enable Processes

Designing processes that maximizes the efficiency of people’s time, skills and technology stacks’ capabilities.


Engage Tools

Selecting the right technology tools, platforms, and measurement frameworks that provide a
single source of truth.

It’s time to take action.

Make the end of cookies, a start for your brand’s elevation into driving a first-party data-driven strategy.


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