We are TheEngage

TheEngage is a strategic marketing consultancy providing advisory, martech, analytics and training for high impact Customer Experiences and Digital ROI.

We believe that the customer engagement journey is an infinite loop and our engagement solutions are therefore designed to add value to marketing interventions at every step of this journey.

Powered by data and analytics, we deliver effective marketing and technology solutions that enable delightful customer experiences and impactful ROI.

Our Expertise

Why Choose TheEngage?

Our Principles think from the outside-in and will always act in the interests of our client. They bring insights that may otherwise not have been thought of, that are in the short, middle and long term benefits of our clients.


Insightful, fit-for-purpose, customer-centric solutions and effective investment recommendations that set you on track for success.


Effective identification, implementation, and value realization for CXM, CDP, CRM and other MarTech tools.


Programmatic-first approach that enables brands to stand-out from competitors and maximize first-party data capture for data-driven optimization, and access to premium inventories.


Digital experts that design and efficiently manage marketing campaigns, operate marketing platforms, deliver analytics & reporting, and optimization.


The Management Team is led by experts with experience in the APAC region.

Neel Banerjee


With over two decades in the marketing and consulting services industry, Neel is a seasoned customer strategy and digital marketing specialist. His expertise is in driving strategic thinking, planning and governance with C-suites to help organisations build compelling and sustainable engagements with their customers.

Angkea Som


With 20+ years of experience in the agency and consultancy industry, Angkea has developed an expertise in understanding complex digital challenges and successfully building teams to address them head-on. His digital career goes back to 2000 in Seattle as part of aQuantive (AveA, Razorfish, Atlas) which was acquired by Microsoft in 2007.

Manoj Nair


Spanning multiple regional and local roles in digital marketing and communications agencies over a period of more than 10 years, Manoj has extensive experience in delivering practical solutions to client digital marketing needs. An experienced digital marketing specialist with skills in delivering on client marketing activity and building agency delivery capability.

Casey Neves


With over 10 years of experience at agencies  and technology firms like Razorfish, Media Math, Kargo and Amobee, Casey has guided multiple Fortune 500 brands through the crowded innerworkings of AdTech. Casey currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he consults brands on all things marketing, media and data for TheEngage. 

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What Our Clients Say

A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself

“We brought in TheEngage to better understand our customers by aligning our data collection and Business Intelligence initiatives.  Through the use of Adobe Marketing Cloud, they were tasked with curating all data from internal, external, organic and paid campaigns and visualize ROI and attribution through a single lens.

Over the past three months, TheEngage enacted a plan that included aligning outside vendors with internal teams, tagging of all properties and media, and building of Business Intelligence dashboards. Through this work, we have been able to not only read ROI but recognize gaps in our data collection through strenuous Quality Assurance best practices. It’s a pleasure to work with TheEngage and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization.”

Global Cruise Brand

“This is really a dream team who not only delivers results but consistently raises the bar in how we deliver. This project is definitely not a walk in the park, but what this team has achieved in even less than a year is truly outstanding and inspiring. THANK YOU ALL!  Although started late versus other regions, has become the 1st market with all active CRM programs on core platform (CRM platform) with below business values quantified and proven:

Campaigns (using CRM platform) generated 20 – 40% improvement in media efficiency (click-through rate), realized cost avoidance by continuing offline one-off engagement with online Facebook re-targeting, reduced audience and campaign management lead-time from 3-5 business day to near real-time per campaign.”

Global CPG Brand

“We have worked closely with the team at TheEngage for the past 3 years, as we have collaborated on numerous customer CDP projects focused on unifying 1st party data and analytics to better understand their customers from acquisition to retention, where they are and what kind of digital messages we need to send them at particular times, and to create & enhance more personalized, relevant experiences.

Their team is excellent to work with, super responsive, and are knowledgeable digital experts in the CDP space. As the death of the 3rd party cookie has become more imminent, I highly recommend anyone considering CDP services to partner with TheEngage team, as they have worked closely with Lytics and our customers to expand on their CDP operations and digital strategy globally from the US to EU to APJ.”

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Partner

“TheEngage is extremely experienced in the area of branding and marketing, they know exactly what needs to be done and help us in setting up a complete structure for our corporate marketing department.

They had a well thought through step-by-step process from discovery to implementation, that enabled full participation from the various stakeholders. We highly recommend them.”

Financial Services Brand

“TheEngage brings a refreshing energy and approach with clients. While it might seem obvious for the clients objectives to always be number one, they truly embody this with their consultative and tailored approach that is not one size fit all.

It has been a real joy and pleasure being shoulder to shoulder as a partner, driving real value and ROI for the client going beyond the usual marketing metrics. The engage doesn’t shy away from getting into the weeds, and challenging their clients to take them from good to great. They have been an effective partner and bridge between clients and attack partners, and have proven the results!”

AdTech & Programmatic Partner

“For us, 2018 was the second year of our transformation as a privately held company, after an exciting 2017 where the brand finally completed its transition. Our strategy and go-to-market was well defined, with a great team, the strongest brands, market leading products and solutions, backed by the best service in the industry. Our focus was on becoming more nimble, agile and break down internal silos; with the ultimate goal to provide the best customer experience in the industry. In Asia, my leadership team and I decided that it was time again to get back in touch with the voice of our customers across the Asia region via a CX/ NPS program.

We brought in Neel, Angkea and their team from TheEngage to help us restart the VOC program, using NPS as a guiding metric to re-establish a benchmark for the strength of our customer relationships and identify areas of improvement where we could actively invest in solutions and services, and innovate to further develop our customer propositions.

Over a period of 10 months the team at TheEngage drove through a sequence of steps that included gathering and cleansing customer records across our key markets and verticals, analyzing our customers’ journeys and pain points, and designing the NPS questions to be fielded on our global Qualtrics CX platform. The team worked hands-on with data from our in-house CRM database to complete analysis of the findings by customer/ segments and were able to relate back the total potential $ value uplift we could achieve by pin-pointing key customer relationships that needed the most attention.

Their exhaustive work, which culminated in a presentation to our regional management team at an offsite in Singapore, broke off into an action planning session which resulted in several priority work streams that included opportunities for enhanced management of customer data and opportunities for proactive service that could help accelerate our mission to achieve the best customer experience and even greater customer loyalty and lifetime value. It was a pleasure working with TheEngage. We would not hesitate to recommend Neel and his team to any organization.”

Global Technology Brand